Irvine, CA


Artist Statement: When asked why I create art, I am often taken aback by the question. It is not something I philosophize about, it is not something I do, it is something I am. It is the unchangeable nature that resides under my skin. My art flows from that un-knowable place within, and provides me a link between this material world and the invisible world beyond. The emotions I attempt to convey with my work are those secret, inexplicable, delicate emotions that are so difficult to articulate, such as reverent joy and spiritual melancholy.

I have been creating art since my consciousness first took hold, and have never ceased to do so. When in college I became acquainted with many of the classical techniques and materials needed to pursue and strengthen my passion, as well as the philosophy of striving to achieve balance in life by enhancing all forms of art, and constantly broadening the scope of imagination and mindís eye.

My inspirations find me wherever I am, and whatever I am doing. Most often my inspirations come from nature, the colour and contrast I find there, but I also look to the past for themes and ideas. Illuminated manuscripts, iconography, cultural history, scents, sounds...all combine to inspire me to new work. It is not unusual for me to have tumbling images that come to mind randomly; how they come or where they come from is a product of the unknown.

Thank you for spending a moment with me, and I hope you enjoy your visit to my world.

-Anya D. Starr


Two Oak Leaves by Dawnstarstudios


Illumianted Nun by Dawnstarstudios


Shofar I by Dawnstarstudios


Koi_1 by Dawnstarstudios


Love Macaws by Dawnstarstudios


Mood by Dawnstarstudios


The Jerusalem Above by Dawnstarstudios


Dreams Above Jerusalem by Dawnstarstudios


Illuminated Tet by Dawnstarstudios


Musketeer by Dawnstarstudios


Autumn Fairy by Dawnstarstudios


Illuminated Aleph by Dawnstarstudios


Stradivarius by Dawnstarstudios


Red Macaw by Dawnstarstudios


Box of Roses by Dawnstarstudios


Violin by Dawnstarstudios


Crackers by Dawnstarstudios


Three Musketeers by Dawnstarstudios